About those pies...

From the selection of the best local fruits to the artful blend of texture in the crust - each step in the pie-making process has been honed to masterful perfection. While sifting snow-like flour, rolling out a hearty pie crust or slicing fragrant peaches, Marie's hands become the hands of a skilled artisan dancing above her kitchen table. The ease with which she combines and shapes her choice ingredients stands in sharp contrast to the depth and complexity of her skill and intuition.

With the exception of the Ontario blueberries, all of our fruit is grown here in Northern Ohio and selected for optimal ripeness and taste. Whether Blushing Peach, Country Apple or Dutch Cherry, the precise consistency and rich flavor of our pie fillings have been time-tested and customer-approved over the extent of Marie's career.

When asked about her well-known crusts, Marie explains modestly, "It's pretty easy. You just put an egg in a one cup measure, add a pinch of salt and your vinegar and stir that with a fork. Then you add it to your Crisco and flour crumbles and kneed it together." She remembers with fondness that in her days of "growing up" they used pig lard instead of Crisco, claiming that "it makes the best crusts - they're light and flaky." But for those of us who have tasted Marie's pies, its hard to imagine something better.

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The cultural mindset is to use what you have on hand, so when it comes to baking, that means fresh ingredients.
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