Welcome to the Amish Pie Company!

Whether Dutch Cherry, Blushing Peach or one of Marie's other favorites, our pies will bring to your table the quiet warmth and subtle grace of a simpler way of life. From the selection of the best local fruits to the artful blend of texture in flaky crusts made from scratch, each step has been honed to masterful perfection.

Inspired by Marie's home-based cooking experience spanning over three decades, and made with the recipes she learned from her grandmother, Amish Pies proudly offers you the very best of a long-standing, tasteful tradition. We invite you to try a slice of our way of life.

You can rest assured that the pie you order will meet or exceed your expectations. Using local fruit and simple ingredients, Marie artfully mixes, rolls and sifts without a recipe. Using the method of her grandmother and her own intuition, Marie makes her pie crust from scratch. The result? A pie worth remembering. Start shopping.